Our Story

Our mission is to keep East Asian traditions alive by shining light on the most coveted stone in the East, jade. 

Rooted in the sentimental, Ren makes spiritual treasures that connect us to the past, present, and future. We combine natural jadeite with gemstones to explore the interplay between the mystical and physical worlds. Our collection of fine jewelry – celestial and enchanting – is made to last a lifetime and beyond.

A percentage of sales is donated to Apex for Youth and Asian Youth Center to support the next generation of AAPI.

Our Commitment

Thoughtfully made and responsibly sourced.

All of our pieces are made-to-order with love and care in New York City or Los Angeles by family-run studios. Ren is committed to the best quality – we use solid gold, never filled, plated, or vermeil. We work with reliable, credible sources through various sources: working directly with miners, suppliers through the Responsible Jewelry Council, and industry veterans.

  • Opals are sourced directly from a mine in Australia
  • Lagniappe pearls (irregular pearls) are responsibly cultured from the Tennessee River
  • Freshwater pearls are sourced from Japan

There are two types of Jade – jadeite and nephrite – and we focus on Burmese jadeite, which is the most prized, rarest, and most valuable. Our jadeite is Type A, which is the highest quality – it is natural and untreated. We work with the most reputable American supplier and directly with a factory in China to source and customize our Burmese jadeite. 

About the Founder

The idea for Ren was sparked during a trip to Bermuda. Crystal was perusing shops in Hamilton and was struck by a beautiful vintage jade bracelet. It was not in her budget to drop $8K on a bracelet and back in NYC she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Her attraction to jade was more than just its beauty, she grew up wearing jade and the stone reminded her of kinship and traditions; she yearned to feel more connected. Her search for a suitable piece back in NYC was unfruitful and the process was frustrating – not much was sold online, the prices varied widely, the supply chain was questionable, and the designs didn’t resonate. She also saw an opportunity beyond just creating jewelry. After working 8+ years in fashion, she wanted to create a brand that Asian Americans can see themselves in and a way to celebrate Asian beauty, art, and creatives. Thus, Ren was born.

x, Crystal